Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Dr. Jonathan Chow and Dr. Jennifer Nicol

Being young professionals my girlfriend and I don't have a lot of time on our hands. As well, having spent the last 4 years training to be doctors, we didn't know where to start when it came time to buy a home. Dave is a much a teacher as he is a realtor. From Dave we are both constantly learning about everything from house market to home construction. With both of us being raised on the prairies we appreciate his hands on approach to looking at houses. He also has been very generously working with our busy schedules. Where as before I felt a lot of anxiety as a first time home buyer, I now feel comfortable searching for a home. I trust Dave because I know he is helping us find something that we will love, not just somewhere we will live and he has our best interests in mind. I'm confident we will not just find a house, but a home.

By: Gerard Schultz

I would like to take this opportunity to say few words about the services Dave Setter from CIR Realty provided me during the purchase of my home in Airdrie. When I transferred down here from our Edmonton office finding a place to live was a initially the most stressful part of the whole experience. My rental option had fallen apart and trying to find another rental option seemed impossible. That's when I was introduced to Dave. Once I had decided what I wanted, Dave was there to take my list and translate it into a list of properties that was easy to look at. He worked with me both over the phone and in person to make sure that another agent was available to show me a property, and he kept me up to date and educated me as to the processes involved. Dave's experience and professionalism took all of the stress out of purchasing my home. Knowing that he was only a phone call away to help answer my questions made me feel like I was his most important client. I look forward to working with Dave in the future and would strongly recommend Dave setter to any of my contacts in the future.

By: Jeffrey V. Kahane

I have had the pleasure to work with Dave Setter on many occasions over the last several years. Our professional dealings have included, regular dealings with his client who are both buying and selling their houses, dealing with problem situations that arise from time to time on real estate transactions, and his showing homes to myself when I was in the market for a new home. Dave has a very calm and organized demeanor. He takes all the time that is required to answer all questions, do the leg work for his clients so that they do not have to and will research and show houses that meet his client's specific requirements. because he is patient, a client never feel’s rushed. He is very sincere in his desire to help his clients. Dave's knowledge of the industry is exceptional When pricing houses, he has a realistic and accurate idea of the market in the Calgary area. He understands the importance of taking the little step that keep his clients from making bad choices and keeps them from not being in a situation where they may have a loss. He catches things that others often would not. I would not have any issues referring Dave to my close friends and family. I have, in fact, done so. I trust him and his ability to do an exceptional job in helping someone find that perfect home that is right for them and get top dollar and sell a home in a timely manner.

By: Elyshia & Bevery Pilon

Our family has known David Setter for the past three years. During that time, I have witnessed him assisting various members of my Business Networking Professional Organization, and in addition to that assisted our family personally. David truly is a professional in all that he does. He will review your personal needs and from there come up with the plan to visit the properties most suited to you. He is more always more than accommodating and goes above and beyond to schedule appointments that fit our schedules. He is a stickler to detail, essential when you are purchasing properties, and will inform you when he thinks there may be challenges to certain properties. Davis personally assisted me in the sale and purchase of a condominium for my mother. She is a senior and was extremely anxious about the move. He sourced our condominiums in her building, while listing her home- very conscious of the fact that she would need to sell and buy at nearly the same time- a very difficult task. He calmly dealt with my mother and myself and made the entire transaction seamless. All we had to do was move. Davis also assisted Elyshia with her first purchase as new young home owner. Elyshia was concerned about the process as this was her first purchase. Davis took the time to visits the development with Elyshia, secure the sale, and negotiate to have certain expenses taken care of by the developer. David saved Elyshia a lot of money while closing the sale very quickly and efficiently. I can't say enough to recommend Davis as a realtor. I have dealt with many realtors over the years, but none compare with the service and caliber received from David and his team. Thank you David for all you have done for our family- I feel confident in knowing that each client I refer to you is in good hands and will have more than positive experience. I have no hesitation in referring clients to you and look forward to doing so!

By: Wendy and Bob Schuyler

Gentlemen-  we are moving from Ontario to Calgary and recently purchased our home through your South office. David Setter had been recommended to us through a Calgary family friend- David not only met us at the airport but spent 3 days with us guiding us through the search and ultimate purchase negotiations. What a wonderful asset David is to your firm. He is not only personable but also knowledgeable, well-informed and extremely professional. David showed us several homes we had originally chosen to view and led us to a successful purchase after we adjusted our budget and increased the value of the home we were looking for. He spent several hours with us searching for suitable homes and skillfully navigated us to a perfect location. David is also a practiced negotiator and a genuinely nice person. Most of the time we met people that have had a positive impact on us but never do anything about it- we wanted to make sure you know what an asset to your firm and team that you have in David. The opportunity does not come up frequently but most assuredly if we are ever requested to recommend a realtor, it will be David Setter and CIR Realty. We are eagerly awaiting our closing dates both in Ontario and Alberta so we may start the next chapter of our lives in our new home, found through David.

By: Ray

I'm at an airport in Bangkok right now but I saw this email and had to pass on a big CONGRATS for the huge compliments your clients paid you. Way to go!

By: Daniel Zanini

You exceeded my expectation of what a Realtor is, and what to expect from the very best Realtor. You were there every step of the way and your guidance and advise was greatly appreciated. In the end, your knowledge and experience in the real estate market was governing factor in the sale of my property in less than one day. At this point most Realtors are moving on to their next customer...but not you. You went above and beyond in my case, making three trip to the City before we finally got compliance of the RPR, and closing the deal. To top it off, you then personally delivered it to the Lawyers on my behalf. I would have no reservation in referring you to anyone looking to sell their home or to anyone looking to purchase a home. All I can really say is THANK YOU! We may have started on this journey as Realtor/Seller but I leave this journey with someone that I always refer to as a good friend, With Respect and gratitude,